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Not everything is About Me…


Hi! I’m Amanda – that’s the easy part.

Now, why I founded Kinetic Spark – there’s quite a bit more to that one.

Nerd alert!

First and foremost, I am a nerd. I’ve always had a fascination with the human body and how the brain works. I also feel a strong passion for empowering people to push for independence, figure out what they want, and drive themselves to achieve it. So, I decided to go into a career in healthcare and I became an Occupational Therapist. What I enjoyed most was helping people get back to who they wanted to be, and the connections developed when helping a person through a struggle.

As a very close second, I am a dweeb. Optimizing tasks, organizing spaces, solving problems, creating processes – these are things that bring me immense joy. Who doesn’t love a good pie chart?! In every facility I worked as an O.T. I also took a deep dive into improving the work flow, customer service, and employee culture. My role would always turn into that of a consultant working at improving the health of that healthcare business. I wanted to make sure that the organization maintained a focus on a culture of care, that employees were seen and valued, and the clients received the highest quality of service throughout their experience.

The magic…

And then voila! A lightbulb! Why not take two of my biggest passions and put them together? Why not create a business that is dedicated to helping healthcare organizations establish sustainable solutions for their challenges? Why not? I easily found my “why” when I decided to establish Kinetic Spark.

In my business I get to have the best of both worlds. I get to start from the top of a business and ensure that it’s employees are a solid team, and the systems are running smoothly. Then through that, I can have confidence that the result is great customer care. I focus on three main outcomes of a business:

  1. Improve the value and experience for customers
  2. Motivate employees to feel both empowered and engaged
  3. Optimize systems and processes to support internal and external growth

Yay, fun!

Through this work I get to meet other people who are passionate about healthcare and wellness. I have the opportunity to collaborate with those who are driven to provide effective care as well as improve their work environment. I embrace my inner nerd to capitalize on my experience in providing care, looking from the perspective of the customer, and working with insurance. I use the power of the dweeb to leverage my knowledge of processes and systems to figure out the source of an issue, or optimize on new opportunities.

I suppose you can boil it down to this: I started Kinetic Spark so that I can help businesses stay healthy, in order to create a healthy community.



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