About Business Excelerated

We focus on uncovering and resolving operational inefficiencies and people performance breakdowns, in order to help increase the speed of execution toward business goals.

With a focus on strategy, people, and process results deliver increased customer satisfaction, a fulfilling work environment, and rises in revenue.

We help organizations confidently progress toward their visions with best success and greatest ease, so they can experience business growth with EXCELence.



Drive Forward


Execute Effectively


Focus on Learning


Be Receptive and Ready to Rock


Enhance Energy, Engagement, and Performance

About Amanda HarNess

Nice to meet you, I’m Amanda!

Thanks for visiting Business Excelerated! My goal is to help business owners achieve their goals! You know, the ones you keep putting on the back burner because you wear a firefighter suit to work instead of business attire. Helping business owners like you is what I love. I also love my dog Atlas, spending time with my fiancé TC, and a great glass of bourbon…especially paired with a good flow chart!

At my core, I am a Business Growth Accelerator dedicated to uncovering challenge points and areas of opportunity within service-based organizations. We engage with your business as a Fractional COO and collaborate as a core part of your team. Focusing on operational efficiency and performance breakdowns enables organizations to increase the speed of execution toward their strategic goals. You will break through roadblocks, create a more gratifying work environment, and see rises in revenue. Doesn’t that sound ravishing! In addition, I also want to get you to a point where you can take a real vacation, one where you actually get to relax and have peace of mind.

We bring with us bright energy and a systematic approach to help business owners light up their industry. Give me a call if you are ready to transform your operations, optimize your team and leadership, and accomplish your goals. I’m here to help and I’ve got your back!


We can help your employees be self-sufficient and proficient with an extra dose of give-a-hoot

The Business Excelerated Way

Achieving a culture of accountability and performance, and redefining broken processes takes clear direction and a spark of ingenuity. We bring with us bright energy and a systematic approach to help business owners experience business growth with excellence. 



We start with your strengths and what your business does well (so we can do more of that, yeah?). Then root out the obstacles and transform them into opportunities.

Execute and Refine

Execute and Refine

Work the plan and test the system. Using our quality assurance process we implement the design, monitor for deficiencies, and adjust solutions until we achieve ideal operations.

Results Driven Framework

Results Driven Framework

Based on Discovery, we collaboratively design custom solutions with you. Then we go to work for you, building them out in order to optimize your business.

Excel Onward

Excel Onward

We leave you charged and ready to be the driving force behind your continued success. Release the Kraken!... and ignite your business growth.