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We're fiercely committed to your success.

Together we partner to determine how to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, and solutions that will stick in order get you there. We want your organization to thrive!

What makes Business Excelerated different?

Hello friends, I'm Amanda.

At my core, I’m a leadership development expert dedicated to helping you and your organization to achieve your goals faster and easier. My passion is to uncover and accurately identify the cause of dysfunctions, and partner with leaders to resolve them.

I launched Business Excelerated after seeing too many organizations ignore the fact that real progress begins with leadership. When leadership is an underlying problem, it creates a ripple effect that hampers progress and development. This causes resistance and frustration, haltered team performance, ineffective communication, and the need to max out your dose of antacids. These disruptions stop you from leading your organization to reach its full potential

I leverage my expertise in human behavior, leadership training, motivational psychology, strategic execution, and effective communication to help leaders of service-based organizations close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be – faster and easier.

I also leverage my extensive repertoire of dad jokes to help us do serious work with a side of laughter.

Collectively we help your organization reach it’s vision by guiding you to enhance your leadership and teams, solve your people-problems, achieve real progress, and see rises in revenue. We strategize goals and plans, then implement the solutions, and evaluate progress along the way. 

Ready to break through roadblocks and accomplish your goals? I’m here to help you do it… and with less acid reflux or fewer stress lines on your forehead.

Helping leaders like you is what I love. I also love my dog Atlas, spending time with my husband TC, and a great glass of bourbon…especially paired with a nerdy mystery novel!


We can help your leadership teams be self-sufficient and proficient with an extra dose of give-a-hoot

The Business Excelerated Way

Solve your people-problems faster and easier. With less acid reflux and stress lines on your forehead.

Our systematic approach focuses on the need to enhance leadership teams first in order to create real, meaningful progress in your organization.

As a partner, we will help to make               the Leadership First Approach™                 your greatest advantage.

Enhance Leadership Teams

Enhance Leadership Teams

We teach you to strengthen your leadership and management so you can shape high-performing teams that are focused on goals and invested in achieving results.

Application and Execution

Application and Execution

We provide tangible, realistic tools and resources that teach you to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, creating solutions that stick.

Utilize Effective Communication

Utilize Effective Communication

We teach you to utilize communication methods that help to create trust and accountability, remove breakdowns, and resolve conflict.

Solutions that Stick

Solutions that Stick

We uncover and accurately identify the cause of dysfunctions (not just the problem itself), so we can determine steps for resolution that last well into the future.



Drive Forward


Execute Effectively


Focus on Learning


Be Receptive and Ready to Rock


Amplify Energy, Engagement, and Performance