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Accessibility – Visibility – Convenience(ity)

Three critical “ities” you need to assess

Ok, fine. So “Convenience-ity” is not a real word. But my point still remains. In order for your business to sustain and scale, you need to be:


Let’s break it down … (just like we are in a Britney Spears music video).

ACCESS can have many meanings when it comes to your business. This can be physical access such as:

  • Is your building complaint with ADA standards meeting the needs of someone with a physical disability? Do you have accommodations for communication or sensorial barriers such as individuals with hearing or vision impairments?
  • How easy is it to find parking? Does someone have to build-in time for finding a space without running late to their appointment? For the love of all good things, if you are based in a downtown area please offer designated parking!

To what level you embrace accessibility can either be advantageous or limiting.

Ask Yourself: Who is your target demographic? Are you opening your doors to just anyone and everyone? Do you aim to offer a specialty to a custom demographic? Are you driving away desired customers because of something you could change (but just don’t prioritize)?

VISIBILITY for this subject is related to how easy someone can find you.

  • Assess the visibility of your business signage out font. Would someone need to make a few laps in order to find your door, while they are calling the Maps narrator a liar?
  • If your building can be a bit difficult to find, ensure that you have clear directions and helpful tips on your website. Make sure someone is always available to answer the phone in case someone is calling you while lost.
  • Put effort into creating a solid online presence. How easy can someone find you if they just do a web search? Do you have any social media that someone can use as proof of efficacy before they visit?

Ask Yourself: If I were a brand new customer, could I easily locate myself if I was in a hurry and running late?

CONVENIENCE – everyone likes it and everyone wants it. Typically our focus at Kinetic Spark is ensuring that the direct customer experience in your business is one of quality and convenience. Today I want you to think just outside that box.

  • Much of the time, in our hurried culture, people are multi-tasking. Personal health is not an exception. One way to attract more customers and address the topic of convenience, is to leverage your surroundings.

Ask Yourself: what other businesses are near my office, that someone might find enticing and convenient? Are you near a grocery store or pharmacy? Is there a place to grab a good meal? Take stalk of other businesses in your area and briefly mention them on your website: “located right next to the Burrito Shop, and a Great Groceries.”

There is so much more that we could nerd out about here. So as always, give us a call and we can help you assess the level of Accessibility, Visibility, and Convenience-ity in your business.


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