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Beyond the Glamour: The Unseen Effort of Growing ‘Faster’ and ‘Easier

One main purpose in the work I do is to help owners and leaders to grow their organizations faster and easier.

  • To increase the speed of execution.
  • To get where they want to go at “Excelerated” speed.

Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? But there’s a crucial twist to the narrative – a prevalent misconception about what “faster” and “easier” truly entails.

It’s all too easy to believe that the illustrious successes of the top 1% are the norm, that the Instagram-filtered version of reality is complete truth.

Unfortunately, a distorted perception of these terms leads to a path strewn with:

  1. Unrealistic expectations; leading to
  2. Unmet goals; resulting in
  3. Unfulfilled expectations; giving you
  4. Emotional turmoil (disappointment, frustration, confusion, resentment, etc.)

Lets look at a demonstration of “faster” and easier.” It’ll take you less than 1 minute to watch this video: “Ferrari F1 pit stop perfection”

A pit stop in Formula 1 is a well-choreographed procedure that involves a series of coordinated actions by the pit crew to service the car as quickly as possible.

This is what you are seeing 20 people complete in 1.92 seconds:

  1. Preparation
  2. Communication
  3. Entry and Stopping
  4. Lifting the Car
  5. Tire Change
  6. Tire Guns and Nut Retrieval
  7. Tire Replacement
  8. Refueling
  9. Adjustments
  10. Visual Check
  11. Lowering the Car
  12. Signal to Go
  13. Exit

This is an embodiment of excellence. I couldn’t stop watching it!

But what this glitzy “Instagram version” of excellence conceals is the untold story of failures, struggles, and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

How many times did they falter before hitting the mark? How many practice rounds paved the way? How much frustration and heated exchanges filled the air?

We may never know the answers to those questions. What is obvious though, is the fact that they all shared a unified vision, a common goal, and unyielding commitment to actualize it. That is the essence of “faster” and “easier” – a journey filled with challenges but united by a collective determination.

So, when you think of “faster” and “easier,” remember that trials refine the process, and persistence fuels the journey. It’s not just about speed; it’s about forging ahead with a resolute spirit. It’s about intentionally identifying and resolving the roadblocks that keep your organization from reaching its full potential.

Here’s to achieving greatness, not just in the glossy highlights, but in the nitty-gritty that propels us onward.


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