Become an Excelerator for your Company

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. This is not news. I am not good at math. I’ll put that one right out there. When you are a Senior Leader of a company, these are highlighted in front of a grand audience. Your strengths get a companywide thumbs up, and weaknesses are emphasized in front of […]

When Outsourcing Looks Sexy on You

I am a Business Growth Accelerator. I am a Fractional COO. I address your operations and people performance in order to increase the speed of execution toward your goals. Most of what I do is not considered sexy… (unless you’re me, I think it is). You know what most people do find sexy? Less stress, […]

Business Plateaus. Are you seeing the signs?

It’s the start of the new year. What are your thoughts? “I’m excited! I love the new year.” “It came so fast.” “Ugh. A new year. Here we go again.” “I hope this year is better for my business than last year.” “I know this year will be better for my business than last year.” […]

Survival Kit for Growing your Business

My sweet mom randomly gave me a gift the other day. It was a survival poncho (you read that right). She saw them on a Facebook add (sucker! haha), and thought of how adventurous I am and apparently worry-bought me a survival poncho. She even bought my fiancé and dog one as well! She’s the […]

Delegation is Like Bowling

Delegation can feel more approachable than you might think. Here’s a bunch of metaphors to prove it.