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Resolving your Sh*t List This Year

This year, what is going to keep you from feeling “thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread” (Bilbo Baggins) The New Year offers us motivation and an opportunity to “reset.” It feels exciting and full of potential. It feels like a chance to put out with the old, and foster all […]

The Perils of Having an Indispensable Employee in Your Organization

Have you ever heard of the “bus test”? It is often brought up in discussions with leaders and business owners, as a way to determine whether or not the business could keep running without them. “If you were struck by a bus tomorrow, what would happen in your company? Would it keep running or would […]

Cross-generational Workforces: An Advantage, Not a Roadblock

I was having coffee the other morning with a business colleague, and at a point we started talking about how some of his teams struggle to work well together. He was also voicing frustration about how some of his team members “totally get it” while “others don’t.” So I started asking questions… Curiosity is my […]

Becoming an Excelerator for your Organization

The strongest leaders are willing to define and accept reality, and work with it…Do you? When you are a Senior Leader of a company, your strengths and weaknesses are highlighted in front of a grand audience. Your strengths get a companywide thumbs up, and weaknesses are emphasized in front of them too. Approaching this idea from […]