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Beyond Conventions: Embracing the Leadership First Approach

Step into a world where leadership norms are challenged, where the very essence of “Servant Leadership” is questioned, and a new dawn— the Leadership First Approach— awaits. Buckle up for a journey of reflection and transformation. Prepare for an odyssey of introspection and metamorphosis. *[insert Twilight zone theme music]* “Servant Leadership.” The name alone invokes a […]

Servant Leadership, Sacrifice, and the Fine Line Between

I don’t love the term “Servant Leadership.” And I don’t even love all of concepts of the style. But it has grown great popularity, and here is why it works well. Servant leadership is a leadership philosophy and style that emphasizes the leader’s role as a servant to their team, focusing on the well-being and […]

Divergent Perspectives of a Leadership First Approach

“What if the leadership is the root of the problem? This raises important questions. The leader must first fix their own approach before they can effectively address any team’s issues.” This is an excerpt from a post by Leadership First. And “Leadership First” and I are totally in sync. In the work I do, I advocate […]

The Leadership Paradox: Balancing Autonomy and Guidance

In the ever-evolving landscape of leadership development, there lies many thoughts and opinions about leadership styles. In modern business, these styles vary significantly, ranging from hands-on micromanagement to a more laissez-faire approach. Many people are familiar with the idea that being too hands-on is harmful and that micromanagement is not the best proactive approach. But […]

From Solo to Synergy: Seeking Help that Elevates your Leadership

For some leaders and owners asking for help is a given, it’s not so hard for them. And for many others it can be a struggle. Here is what I typically see when I meet a leader or owner who finds it difficult to seek the help they may need. They don’t want to be […]

Powerful Tools for Navigating Confrontational Conversations

Let’s talk about having the hard conversations. Confrontation. Conflict. Having the hard conversations is one of the greatest favors you can offer your teams (and yourself). It’s a favor because if you are feeling something is off, you can bet that they feel it too. Ignoring things only prolongs negative feelings and enhances the difficulty of a problem. Experiences, contexts, and […]