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Resolving your Sh*t List This Year

This year, what is going to keep you from feeling “thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread” (Bilbo Baggins) The New Year offers us motivation and an opportunity to “reset.” It feels exciting and full of potential. It feels like a chance to put out with the old, and foster all […]

Delegation is Like Bowling

Do you like bowling? I think people either do or they don’t. Honestly, I don’t. And mostly it has to do with an “ick factor” that I have yet to resolve. I am not particularly fond of sticking my feet into those shoes, and my fingers into those mystery holes. *bad memories * chills down the spine* And I […]

How Trust Enhances Team Performance

Question for you. How do you decide whether or not you trust someone? In the workplace, mistrust is like a spreading virus. If team members do not trust leadership, they will feel less invested and apathetic toward the outcomes of the company. They will likely work the bare minimum, probably not be innovative, and may […]

When your High-performers Turn ‘Sour’

Things are HAPPENING in your organization. You’re making moves, you’re getting clients, and as a leader you’re even spending time on biz dev. Eff YES! At the same time one of your best employees is a little ‘off.’ Previously this person was your greatest ally, your most dependable, your most valuable and committed. Right now […]