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The Paradox of Proactivity: When Leaders Grapple with Too Many Initiators

As a leader or owner, can you imagine what it would be like if you had more employees who took initiative? Does that sound like something you dream of? “Yes please! Sign me up!” I hear that a lot from leadership teams – that they “just want people to take initiative” [insert frustrated groan]. And if they […]

Strategies for Supporting Underperforming Team Members

“How do I help an employee who won’t help themselves?” Oofta! That’s a doozey. And as a leader or business owner that probably feels familiar in one way or another to you. “I’ve given them support for big things and little things, I have mentored them in their role, I’ve guided them through questions, and […]

The Power of a Team that Makes More Errors

The most successful organizations I work with are solution focused. Identifying and resolving issues is the priority. There is not a culture of tolerating when it isn’t necessary. Identifying and planning execution for goals is the priority. Putting goals on the backburner because there are too many fires everyday is not seen as “easier.” Here’s the […]