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When Leadership Coaching Works (and when it doesn’t)

“We’ve invested in other leadership coaching and training. But you’ve reached a deeper level of work and progress than we’ve ever had someone get to before.” A client shared this with me in a conversation recently. We were discussing the results of an Organizational Performance Audit we completed, and having a “midway meeting” to touch […]

Beyond the Glamour: The Unseen Effort of Growing ‘Faster’ and ‘Easier

One main purpose in the work I do is to help owners and leaders to grow their organizations faster and easier. To increase the speed of execution. To get where they want to go at “Excelerated” speed. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? But there’s a crucial twist to the narrative – a prevalent misconception about what […]

Unleashing the Power of Execution [Part 2]

In the last newsletter (Part 1) I stated that without action, our goals are dreams and our ambitions are fantasies. That success begins with knowing what we want (our goals), but it’s the decisive factor of execution that becomes the transformative force in achieving our goals. I outlined the first 4 parts in the process of kicking-a$$. It’s a simplistic and high-level […]