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Unleashing the Power of Execution [Part 2]

In the last newsletter (Part 1) I stated that without action, our goals are dreams and our ambitions are fantasies. That success begins with knowing what we want (our goals), but it’s the decisive factor of execution that becomes the transformative force in achieving our goals. I outlined the first 4 parts in the process of kicking-a$$. It’s a simplistic and high-level […]

Unleashing the Power of Execution [Part 1]

During a conference last week, the keynote speaker (who was eff’ing fabulous) shared from her experiences as an entrepreneur. As a person who has encountered major highs and lows, and has always taken on a “why not” attitude. At one point she asked the audience to think about one word we would choose to describe […]

From Thought to Action: the Crucial Difference Between Choices and Decisions

Cognitively (in our minds) there is a difference between making a decision and choosing something. In general, the terms “decision” and “choice” are often used interchangeably to refer to the act of making a selection between different options. However, there are subtle differences – a nuance that may change your perception and therefore how you […]