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Customer Retention & Loyalty

What do we want?

Loyal customers!

When do we want it?


So you put in the work to find a new client and you successfully closed their business. But hopefully your process does not stop there because now the work continues in order to keep them and provide a great experience.

Quick soap box – if you don’t have solid customer recruitment, onboarding, and retention processes, ya need them. I guarantee it will make a difference.

Effective and clear systems and processes support the client experience and have higher rates of retention. A good system ensures quality and consistency which turns into a happy client, who is also likely to refer you to a friend. And that potential customer/friend is four-times more likely to buy from you because it was a warm referral. Isn’t that the dream?! Let’s math that dream.

Quality offering + Solid customer service = Super happy customer who will become loyal.

Loyal customer = Refer you to their friends = They did the work for you in brining in new leads.

Let me be clear that this does not have to only be a dream, my friend. This can be reality. #truth

Here are a few questions to ask yourself in order to help guide you in creating this reality for yourself:

  1. Who are your best customers?
    • Think about who your favorite customers are and why. Adversely who your worst customers are and why. Those that align with your offering, your brand, and you as a person will be loyal to your business.
  2. Why do your best customers choose you?
    • When was the last time you asked them? What was your method of asking? Were their responses about the benefits of your offering or about how much they liked working with you and your people?
  3. What are you truly providing to your customers?
    • I don’t mean the service or product you give them. Not “a new roof,” or “a great logo,” or “business advice.” I mean what financial, emotional, physical, or spiritual benefit do they receive by accepting what you offer? The customers you serve need your help, and they want you to give it to them – what are they really asking of you?

Service-based businesses exist for exactly that – to provide a service to a customer. If you can address WHO you want to bring to your business, WHY they choose you as a business or person, and WHAT you are truly giving them you will find loyal customers who stick around, and brag about you to their friends.



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