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Do you data?

That’s data – with an “a”, not an “e”

What do you know about Data? And I don’t mean the kid from “The Goonies.” …If you don’t get it, go watch the movie, and you’re welcome.

The word “Data” can sound misleading, but at Kinetic Spark it just means that we want to help you protect your assets. All of the numbers that are connected to your time spent, processes, workflow, finances, social media, etc… are assets that require your energy, time, and money. Therefore, we want to help you dive down into those numbers and understand how they affect the outcomes of your business. They are precious assets that require attention and your protection.

For example, how are you marketing to the community? Do you have Instagram, email campaigns, blogs, mailers…? Who moderates and controls these sources? How much time is spent creating content; how much money does it cost; what is your return on that investment? We want to help you answer these types of questions so you know what is actually working, what needs to be refined, and where an opportunity might lie.

“Data, data! I cannot make bricks without clay!” (Sherlock Holmes).

Your finances are an obvious data based asset. But, one of the most important assets that people forget about is their time. We can all agree with the adage that “time is precious.” It is a limited resource, and when related to a business, every hour is attached to a sum. How much time your employees spend on any particular task should be efficient and productive. We love helping you find what systems are requiring the most of your assets and helping you find a better way.

Does none of this sound like your cup of tea? That’s ok – we love tea. We prefer coffee, but we still love tea. So, the next time you feel like Rodney the robot – “Does not compute” – just give us a ring and we can help you through it.

Anyone catch that reference? Anyone? “Lost in Space” – You’re welcome again.


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