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Downloadable Resources

Business Excelerated offers the following resources to increase the speed of execution toward your goals.

Quarterly Business in Review

Reviewing your progress every quarter encourages action, allows you to get more done, helps you prioritize, and ensures you end up where you mean to in the time you intend.

Become an Excelerator

Focus your work on the things that create a greater impact for your organization and yourself.

Optimize how your teams support you in getting where you want to go.

N.I.P. Delegation Tool

Have you tried delegating before, only to struggle with the process? Well, effective delegation is complex but does not have to be complicated. This tool will help you along the way.

7 Early Warning Signs of Leadership Breakdowns

In many ways, the success of an organization is a direct reflection of the leadership teams that oversee it. Enhancing your effective leading and managing skills will help you grow faster and easier.

5 Mistakes That Kill Your Business Strategy

An organization that creates a growth plan and executes it well, has a 30% greater chance for growth. Avoid these 5 mistakes that keep you from achieving what you are capable of.

The 5 Levels of Delegation

These are five levels that create clarity around if you are delegating the task, the decision, or the results. Implement this tool among your teams so that everyone is clear on the level of permission and autonomy that they have (or don’t have).

Start, Stop, Continue, Next

The Start, Stop, Continue exercise is one of our favorites. And we added the “NEXT” part because it helps us take action. We have to be solution oriented or we will continue to see the same perpetuated problems.

6 (not so) Secrets to Business Success

Executing on your goals is what turns a really good idea into an awesome reality. Assess your busyness strategy and integrate these six factors in order to achieve results faster and easier.

Crushing Goals & Projects

Having a goal-based plan is one thing. Ensuring that you execute with excellence and accelerated speed, is what will take your organization to the next step.