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How Dancing and Leadership are Interrelated… Kinda

Mmmkay, ya’ll. Here goes.

In all honesty this newsletter was a hard one to write. I just didn’t have words that I felt inspired to share. I just didn’t have a passionate surge of wisdom to impart. And that is always my intention here, to provide something insightful and valuable. I’m not here to waste anyone’s time (yours or mine).

And it just wasn’t flowing.

As I stood there, fingers prepped to fly on my keyboard, I realized that I was… friggin’ tired. My mind was tired. And it is hard to feel inspired and passionate when tired.

You know what I did feel like doing? Dancing. I felt like moving my body, not using my mind. So I did. I put my earbuds in and let my shimmy-shake-shake take over for a few minutes.

In fact, I let my shimmy’er keep shimmy’ing as I typed this.

“Super cool, Amanda [insert sarcasm]. Is there a point to this?”

YEP! There’s three, actually.

Be a realistic leader (with yourself especially)

We do not feel the same way every day. It is unreasonable to think that you will get up everyday with the same level of motivation, or the same interests, or the same energy. It is equally unrealistic to expect this of anyone else on the leadership team with you, or of the employees in your organization.

It is perfectly reasonable to give yourself some permission and grace around being a dynamic human who fluctuates. As a Leader, there are times when we have to get something done, when we need to deliver on a promise, when we want to show up for others but just don’t quite know how to that day. And we still move onward and “do the darn thing.”

Something else I want you to realize here is that you choose how to feel about it. It can feel really hard to get it done (whatever “it” is). Or we can shift our perspective and decide that it’s easy. For me, today at least, writing this newsletter to just get it done felt hard. But writing it while I let my jiggler move freely, felt fun and manageable.

Take back the meaning of “authenticity” for yourself

When something is a buzzword, we can forget what the real meaning is. Well, when it comes to Leadership, authenticity does not have to be complete vulnerability and transparency. That can make authenticity feel confusing, undesirable, and threatening.

Instead, let’s remember that authenticity can simply mean that you are seen as relatable. Relatability creates a sense of security and confidence for others. They understand they can trust you because they understand more about you and not some facade.

This newsletter is an example of my authenticity. It has vulnerability and some transparency, but does not reveal my deepest secret. It still has some boundaries. But it is relatable. I know someone out there can relate to how I felt today. Especially with the need for dancing (it’s like the need for speed, but different).

Self-awareness makes sh*t happen

I didn’t have the same motivations as I do on other days to show up for you here in this newsletter. So I listened to my inner “knower,” permissioned a need that I was having (dancing, always), and then did the darn thing.

Instead of forcing myself into the false idea that I am a robot, I embraced the fact that I needed to do things a little differently today.

This newsletter still got done. And perhaps this will actually end up being exactly the newsletter someone needs to read today. I sure hope so.

In summary…

This is an example of taking the Leadership First Approach™. I took care of my needs first, so I could show up for you in a way that was useful. I am sure I could’ve still written something for you today without the help of Missy Elliot. But would it have been as good, or just a filler edition…?

We shall never know because #LeadershipFirstApproach


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