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Micromanagement is Macro-harmful

Is this you…

“My team makes mistakes all the time…”

“I’ve told them over and over…”

“My employees drive me nuts…”

“They can’t do anything the right way without me…”

“If I don’t keep an eye on everything, then I am in the dark about what my team is actually doing every day…”

When I hear a business owner say something in this realm a couple of things come to mind, but mostly I worry that the owner is micromanaging. This often occurs when the owner does not trust their team to execute effectively, or they have a limiting belief that no one else can do “it” as well as they can.

Harsh truth – this is not just an employee problem, it’s also a leadership problem.

“It’s not me it’s you…. But it’s also me”

But Amanda – they just can’t be trusted. And letting go sounds scary

I get ya, I get ya. Your business is your baby and I respect that. So the question becomes, how do you get your team to respect that too? And how can you create an environment where you can give your employees respect in the form of trust?

The answer is both simple and complex:


Most people don’t find that answer intriguing or appealing. *Yawn*

What if I said it this way… The answer is simple and complex :

  • step away from your business for a day, or a week
  • hold your team accountable and responsible
  • be creative and innovative
  • focus on a great customer experience
  • get some sleep at night
  • know what’s happening day-to-day
  • delegate (ah! I said the D word!)
  • don’t be good at things, be great at all of it

That version sounds more sexy doesn’t it? Well Process allows you to have all of that. You can’t be the only one who does things “right” or who is accountable for it all. That kind of thinking is a true disservice to your business and your customers. Process enables you to increase trust in your team, capitalize on collective intelligence, use the power of teamwork, and have a friggin’ vacation (not a work-cation).

Things to ponder:

Work your way into true delegation.

There are 3 main levels of delegation

  1. Delegating the task
  2. Delegating the task and the decision making that comes along
  3. Delegating the task, the decisions, and ownership of the outcome and results of those decisions

 Getting there takes time and effort, and you MUST get everything out of your head so you can teach others. Delegating ensures each step in a process is focused and great. Don’t be good for your customers, be great.

Who has which skill that match each step of a process

Capitalize on the strengths of your team, and be aware of threats that come along with them. Have the right people in the right seat. When we are working at something that feels like a good fit it’s because we have confidence, we see the value, and we understand the expectations put upon us.

Don’t go it alone

Who has something to teach or new ideas to offer you? When you are open to letting others take a lead or act on their autonomy, you do yourself a favor and let the smarts of other people take your business to the next level. Your business will thank you for avoiding self-imposed plateaus. And it will thank you for calling Kinetic Spark – we have smarts.

Micromanagement is a form of control. Instead, exercise control through clear direction. A leader can exercise control without being nosey (micromanaging). Provide clear direction and guidance for employees to follow. Once responsibilities and expectations are clear, a team will be encouraged to perform their duties independently, while knowing when to ask questions.  Job satisfaction, creativity, and employee engagement will increase.


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