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New Year – New State

(for your business – not the U.S. 50)

It finally came! It is 2021!

Do you think of the new year as totally new start, as a clean slate? Well stop it! This approach can easily lead you down the path of unfulfilled resolutions. It encourages you to set a bunch of goals that need to be executed all at once or else all you have is, well, an empty slate.

Instead, think of the new year as a new STATE. Your business is running but it needs a pick-up. It needs to move from a state of chaos to a state of super fresh functionality. Here are three steps to get you started:

DO THIS: Work with what you have. Your system might be a mess but something has been keeping your doors open. Pinpoint what is working, and grow from there.

ASK THAT: As you use your new-year motivation to revamp your processes, ask yourself what is one thing you want to keep the same? What was one success from 2020? This gives you insight into what works.

DO THIS: Go into your schedule right now… (I’ll wait a second for you to get there)… Now create a weekly block on your schedule that will be used for business development. This time is non-negotiable and cannot be used for anything else.

ASK THAT: What is a block of time that you can work without distractions? Where is a good place for you to go, where you can focus uninterrupted?

DO THIS: Solicit feedback from both your staff as well as your clients. As a business owner you can be too close to the problems to actually see the causes. When you know a cause, you can work toward a solution. Listen and learn from the people who are experiencing your processes first hand.

ASK THAT: Which of your staff members will think critically and give candid feedback? What method will you use to receive honest and anonymous feedback from your customers? (anonymity allows customers to be honest without fear of retribution).

Now go forth my friends feeling motivated and empowered.

This list is meant to get you started on the path to glory feeling less overwhelmed. But if you still feel the little monster of stress aching in your belly, then give us a call. We would love to strategize with you and discuss how we can help!


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