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Take Advantage of Your Time

It’s the Holidays! Yay fun!

But we are also still (supposed to be) working, right? And I say yes, yes you should be! But maybe in a slightly different way.

The holidays can have a slower pace for many businesses. Granted this is not true for all, especially in health care during year end. But even if your down time is after the holiday rush then keep reading, this will still be helpful.

Rather than keeping ‘things as usual’ during a slower time, take advantage! Here are 5 ways you can focus your efforts in a different way:

1.) Prepare yourself for the unexpected

  • Sometimes we just handle an issue that comes up right in the moment. But here you can take some time to prepare for different scenarios so that things go more smooth next time.

2.) Look at your onboarding process

  • For either new hires or new clients. Usually this is a process that is put into place once and then never looked at again. But I bet the business has made some changes since you wrote it, so this process could probably use a bit of a reboot.

3.) Revisit your meeting calendar

  • Or make one if you don’t have it. Ensure that your meetings have not fallen into a dreary pattern, and that all meetings are still full of productive time. And remember every meeting should end with everyone knowing WHAT, WHO, WHEN (what is being executed, by who, and when).

4.) Attend to some data

  • The task of attending to data and critical numbers is often one of the first to be put on a back burner when times get busy. So, since you are not as busy right now check back in with your critical numbers and make sure you are still on track. Check out our “Data” blog post for more info.

5.) Determine where you are with your Strategic Plan

  • Are you still on track for this month? For this quarter? How is your forecast looking for the year?… And don’t stop with just giving this a peek. Set up your execution plans too! It is one thing to have a killer strategy in place, but a whole other thing to fallow-through with amazing execution.


6.) Find the Fun!

  • Slow times don’t only have to be about extra homework. You can make it fun too – reward yourself for putting in this extra time and effort. Personally I break up some of these tasks with a quick chair dance party, or a quiet 2 minute meditation from a random YouTube channel (no rabbit holes!), or sipping on a glass of wine. Whatever thrills you, do it. Yay!


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