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Kind Words

Amanda and I worked together to launch her business from August to November 2020. During that time I was able to deeply understand her approach to business operations and client support. I have been so impressed by Amanda and her work that I have referred 3 clients to her in the last 6 months. The feedback I have been given by each of them has been overwhelmingly positive. Specifically in streamlining their business and simplifying their operations as a whole. She has an excellent strategic mind and creative problem solving skill.

I wish I had met Amanda with Business Excelerated 12 years ago when I started my first business! Her understanding of the inner workings of a business is unparalleled. She knows exactly what needs to be added, eliminated, improved, delegated, or outsourced. As a business owner, with so many other things going on in our lives, we often feel like we are running through the forest getting smacked by trees. Amanda is the person with the 30,000 foot view above the trees telling you where to go and how to get there. After just a few conversations with Amanda, she will feel like your best friend that you want to tell everything to. I highly recommend Amanda.

During the time we have worked with Amanda. She’s helped us really work together better as a team by finding ways to be organized, ways to better communicate, and to build more structure within the business. Now we can just work to serve people better instead of having to work to put out fires all the time.

When we first started working with Amanda it was a battle to know where our money was going, why we were losing money, and what team members were doing what. I was micromanaging as a leader, and everyone was frustrated. Amanda came in and helped breakdown the pain points in the business and how we could easily put that back together. She’s always flexible, able to adapt and pivot, and that’s helped us a ton.

Enhance Team Performance,
decrease errors.

Amanda is a gem of a human to work with. I knew that hiring Business Excelerated would help my business, but I never imagined all the long-lasting benefits it would provide. The entire team functions more efficiently. It provided us with the clarity to reorganize some people into roles that better utilized their strengths. We can now easily identify gaps and barriers in our processes and fix them with little effort yielding big results.
The work we did has allowed us to scale into bigger projects with ease. Since our work together, we have closed more revenue in ONE quarter than we made the entire year previous...Overall job satisfaction is up, revenue is up, and our future looks very bright!

Amanda brought to Numotion an incredible drive for efficiency. She elevated the seasoned sales team by producing equipment resources to help choose appropriate equipment to meet client’s needs. The equipment book she developed is still being used as a training resource for new sales reps who do not have the product knowledge necessary to compete in the CRT sector. This allows for expedited training and entry into the marketplace quicker than industry average. Amanda’s keen sense of business acumen allows her to identify areas of deficit and ways to overcome inefficiencies. She was an incredible addition to an already strong sales team in the Denver market.

Consulting with Amanda was such a pleasant experience. She was thoughtful, listened closely to my current situation, and had a lot of great ideas with how we could move forward together. You can tell that she is passionate about her work and that she will go lengths to find the best and most suitable solutions for you and your business. I highly recommend talking with her to see if she is the right fit for your business growth!