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Using the Leadership First Approach™ to Navigate Change Effectively

The greatest challenge of navigating major change in an organization is, the fear of it.

When we react or make decisions from a place of fear, we inevitably generate the outcomes we expected. And then we see our fears as justified. And then as we further ground in fear, we perpetuate the challenging outcomes.

“See! I told you this would happen.”

Hear this, though – the fear of change is not what we are trying to solve for. You’ll pull your hair out trying to do that. You’ll be attempting to walk up the downward escalator with a goal in front of you that you’ll never reach (metaphorically speaking).

As humans, we are hardwired to fear change. It’s part of our self-preservation mechanisms within the ‘primitive brain.’ Our first instinctive reaction to change will always be fear (or a version there of, like skepticism or worry). That just is.

But this reaction can be brief. And perspectives can be shifted.

Instead of trying to mitigate this fear of change, approach it like this – Recognize that change presents opportunities for disruption, and acknowledge that people will react to change in various ways. These reactions are a person’s ways of coping with the unknown (coping with fear).

This is important because you are not asking the entity to change, you are asking the people within it to. Addressing major change with this perspective (this human element) allows you to more effectively shift opportunities for disruption (bad) into opportunities for growth and transformation (good).

Here’s what you need for that shift.

Take a Leadership First Approach™ to navigating change.

During times of change, your employees look to you (their leader) as an example of how they should feel and react. If they come to you with hesitation or resistance, you have the opportunity and influence to either affirm or shift their perspective.

You can either heighten their fears or settle them – through the words you choose, your demeanor, the timing of announcements, the level of clarity you provide, etc.

…What response or reaction will you demonstrate?

The organizations I work with are navigating major change, and that can either be disruptive or transformational. The people decide. Your teams can either perceive change as a series of hurdles that need to be overcome, or opportunities for growth and development.

…Which would you like them to choose?

You can either miss your milestone deadlines, overspend on budget, and max your daily dose of antacids. Or you can create an environment where employees are willing and able to embrace and contribute to the transformation.

…Which will YOU choose?

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