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We’re gonna plan like it’s 2022

( I love Prince)

Giddy me says: “People it’s November 1 which means the start of the holidays! We have fall colors and soon we’ll have snow. We have pumpkin spice and soon we’ll have winter green. All the days for cozying up, eating scrumptious meals, and celebrating traditions!”

Nerd me says: “People it’s Q4 which means annual planning! We have this year’s targets to strive for and soon we’ll have next year’s goals. All the 2021 summaries, toasts to accomplishments, and 2022 forecasting!”

Who is fist pumping with me? Who is laughing at me? … I find both scenarios to be quite exciting.

*Ksshh* *breaker breaker, this is Kinetic Spark and we have a public service announcement for the business-owning public* *Ksssh*

Exercise your 2022 Annual Planning BEFORE we get to 2022.

I’m going to get right to it – Here’s why…

Right now, your memory is focused on what has happened this past year. All your accomplishments, challenges, surprises, and pivots are current. Reflect and learn from this past year while it is fresh in your mind – before that tryptophan gets to your noggin.

By summarizing and reflecting on this past year you have a chance to forecast for 2022. Set yourself up for a greater likelihood of success by learning from the past rather than repeating it. Leverage your strengths and successes – remain proactive instead of reactive.

Know your long-term goals ahead of time, so that when you choose your Q1 priorities you are making decisions beyond short-term thinking. This will also allow you to decide WHO is helping with WHAT and WHEN creating accountability and follow-through.

I could go on and on, but I’ll leave you with those 3 reasons. If they aren’t enough to convince you then give me a call because I have at least 10 more reasons. Like, waiting until next year to make your next year plans automatically puts you behind. Oops, I did it again (is the song automatically stuck in your head too?).

*Ksshh* *Kinetic Spark, over and out* *Ksshh*

Strategic Annual Planning is one of my favorite services that I get to do with my clients. It’s an opportunity to define where you are now, where you want to be, and how you will get there. Gaining that clarity feels so motivating! It’s as motivating as hoping you’ll get a kiss after the count down when watching the New Year ball drop… no?…just me?

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