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When your Leader-ship is at Risk of Sinking

When your Leader-Ship has a hole in the hull…

If the Captain (leader) were to walk the plank, would the rest of the crew follow him? Aye matey the answer be, Yes. A ship (business) sails only as smoothly as the Captain steers it, especially when traveling over rough waters (challenges in the business). In other words, a business is only as strong as its leadership.

In order to maintain the course and navigate your business toward your goals, you must keep your leadership from sinking. The best way to do this is to patch the holes in the hull.

Okay okay, I’ll stop (or will I?…).

Everyone, including the CEO of a company, has their strengths and weaknesses which trickle down in their ability to effectively (or ineffectively) lead a team and steer a business toward success. A strong leader is aware of the areas in which they excel, and in which areas they are limited (their holes in the hull). Call your mates to the helm – play to your strengths and recognize your weaknesses, then learn those of the team you have onboard. Make strategic decisions about what you can delegate successfully and what you may need to outsource for the best results.

In addition, seek constant growth and development. First of all, it’s super fun to always learn something new (my official crew name is Nerdbeard). Learn about how you can improve your strengths further, and explore how you can narrow your gaps in knowledge (again, the holes). This can be as simple as reading a book about how to just be a better leader. Create a learning calendar for yourself and set timeline goals.

Remember that the neck of the bottle (of rum) is often at the top.

If you don’t take the time to optimize your strengths and admit your weakness, you may very well be the reason your business is struggling. Keep your leadership strong, and ye crew will be prepared for any challenge that comes yer way.



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