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Priorities: Set, Commit, Follow-through

Why do we call the most important thing a “priority?” Why isn’t it called a “right-now-ity?” It’s important in my present, not in my past. It is of current importance, not of prior importance…ammi right?! #showerthoughts

Ok… I will prioritize (right now) getting to the point…

Setting priorities for yourself and for your business are key. This concept may not sound like news, but if it has remained a concept and not a reality for you, then I want to help you out. You might know you need priorities, but you may not know how to set them strategically . And even if you’ve set them, how to successfully follow-through with them.

If that is the case, that’s ok! No judgements, only here to help. If you are doing well here, then read on anyway and then reply back letting me know a special tip that works for you.

Let’s get to some right-now-itizing! (doesn’t have the same ring…bummer)

Step : Set priorities

The first step is admitting you have a problem… with prioritizing. Keep these key components in mind to help make yourself more successful.

  • Not all priorities are created equal – be intentional and strategic. Set yourself up with priorities that will create a beneficial outcome. What is one critical goal that you need to achieve in this next quarter? Break that goal down into small action steps, and set one of those action steps as a priority.
  • Use you S.M.A.R.T goal strategies and ensure that you have clear definitions of what you need to do and when. As well as a clean definition of whether or not you have achieved it – You should be able to get to your end date and easily answer “yes” or “no.” If you want more direction, head to our website and download the SMART goals template on the Resources page (“Crushing Goals and Projects”).

Step : Commit to them

You now have priorities set, great work so far. But la-de-dah if you don’t decided that you will commit. That’s like buying yourself a 1930 Model-A (#dreamcar) and never driving it around town. No one would do that!

  • Stay focused. Don’t be distracted by shiny things. Once you set your priorities remain on track. “If everything is a priority then nothing is.”
  • If you are a visionary with a constant flow of new ideas, then create a space to store them. Don’t let those new ideas distract you, and don’t let them get lost either. Keep them in a safe space and come back to them later.

Step : Follow-through

Ok you created some strategic priorities, and you are determined to stay the course. But la-dee-dah if you lose motivation to put in the work. It happens to the best of us, and sometimes we just need to know the “how” in order to make the work load seem do-able.

  • Create a process of execution. Figure out how much time, energy, people, and money is needed in order to see your priority to conclusion. Then go about creating an action plan or road map that will take you from point A to point B. If you need some insight into how to do this, we love this part and would be delighted to help. Head to our website “Contact Us” page and submit a form so we can connect with you!
  • While you create that roadmap, remember that deciding what not to do is just as important as deciding what to do. Being aware of potential roadblocks and plateaus that can get in your way of success can be so empowering!

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees (one of my favorite idioms). Breaking down “right-now-ities” is work in and of itself. But once the clarity and intention is set, my goodness are the results so impactful! Stay the course my friends.




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