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Where to Begin Making Change Easier for Your Organization

One of the primary obstacles to embracing change lies in the focused effort needed to adopt fresh behaviors and habits. Human beings typically gravitate toward what is familiar, comfortable, and convenient, even if it does not align with their ultimate objectives. Imagine someone who’s trying to eat healthier and lose weight. They know that fresh fruits and […]

From Day One: The Game-Changing Impact of Proactive Integration in M&A

Change can come in many forms for an organization. A few examples include: Leadership transitions Growth in client demand or physical space Technology integration or Process updates Client experience initiatives Workforce changes and Cultural shifts; etc. And some of the greatest changes in an organization occur during a Merger or Acquisition (great meaning big transitions, as well as […]

Why Sustainable Change is the Solution to your Antacid Dilemma

It’s hard getting to this point in the year and realizing that if you don’t take action now, you’re going to spend all next year fixing the sh*t that’s left over. As we hurtle towards the end of the year, it’s that familiar time when we reflect on our past achievements and plan our next […]

Using the Leadership First Approach™ to Navigate Change Effectively

The greatest challenge of navigating major change in an organization is, the fear of it. When we react or make decisions from a place of fear, we inevitably generate the outcomes we expected. And then we see our fears as justified. And then as we further ground in fear, we perpetuate the challenging outcomes. “See! I told you […]